Fly Fishing Video Shows How To Nymph Fish

Following is a good, basic video showing the steps involved for nymph fishing. Nymph fishing is a challenging technique of fishing with the fly underwater. Bring your waders!

All About Fly Hooks & Fly Fishing Hook Sizes

You may find it confusing when choosing fly fishing hooks the first time. However, the type of fly hooks you use are very important. Here’s what you need to know about fly hooks — both freshwater hooks and saltwater hooks.

Fly Fishing Line 101: Types Of Fly Line Explained

Fly fishing line is completely different from other types of fishing line. When fly fishing, the line weight carries the fishing fly — which is almost weightless — to the water. That’s why things like line weight and tapers are important.

How To Take Great Fish Pictures On All Of Your Fishing Trips

Here’s how to take better fish pictures on your fishing trips. Simple tips showing you how to pose the fish and use a few simple settings on your camera. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take great fish photos. And you definitely don’t need to settle for lame grip-and-grin photos when you go fishing!