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You'll probably want to clean your fly fishing rod at the same time that you clean your fly line and clean your fly reel. Fly fishing rods are fairly expensive, so you'll want to keep yours in top-notch shape. Here's how to do it...

If you are fishing a fly below the water surface, you are wet fly fishing. Wet fly fishing is more about how you fish the fly rather than the fly itself. Most of the time, wet fly anglers are more successful because fish feed under the film and feast on smaller fish, terrestrials, aquatic bugs, shrimp, crayfish and tadpoles.

In general, the best fly fishing rod for most beginners is a fast action 9-foot graphite fly rod made for a 5 weight line. Here's why... and what it means to buy a fly rod based on length, weight, and action.


This make it yourself fly rod rack is very simple, very effective, and very inexpensive. Check it out.

Fly reels do more than just hold your fly line. A good fly reel is a great piece of equipment than can make the difference between having fun while fishing and being a frustrated angler.


There are all kinds and sizes of fly rods out there for all kinds of fly fishing. We'll try to sort out some of the types and style in this post to help you make a great choice.