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Building A Wooden Boat For Fly Fishing

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By Ron

Building a wooden boat is something I have been daydreaming of doing for a long, long time.

I have decided it’s time to build my own boat!

I’ve owned several boats, but I’ve always wanted to build my own.

I’m going to do it now, and I’m going to share the process here on this site.

I mean, I intend to build one.

Not just any boat. I’m going to build a wooden drift boat for fly fishing.

If nothing goes wrong, I will build it.

If I build it, it will come, to these pages.

Here’s a photo of the type of wooden boat I’m interested in building.

This shot comes from the pages of Montana Boatbuilders website. Aren’t they beautiful?


Why Build A Wooden Boat For Fly Fishing?

It just sounds like fun to me!

I think it would be a very rewarding experience to float down the river fly fishing in a boat I built with my own two hands.

Floating and fishing, fishing and floating.

Well, there’s that — and the fact that I’m a middle aged male and my wife claims I’m going through a mid-life crisis.

And she won’t let me have a 20-something-year-old female fishing friend like I saw in a Fishin Chix calendar that a bachelor friend of mine owns.

She also won’t let me have a brand new (or used) Harley Davidson Fatboy motorcycle.

Or a red Lamborghini sports car.

So I figured I’d just go out to the garage and build a boat.

It’ll probably keep me out of trouble.

Plus, it’s been several months since I sold my last boat — so I’m itching to get another one.

My Wooden Drift Boat Plans

I remember reading about a DIY boat building project in Outdoor Life Magazine years ago.

A nice, simple wooden drift boat.

I’m going to try to find that and track down the author.

I’m also going to research Wooden Boat Plans, Driftboat Plans, and so forth.

I’ll report back with what I find.

Til then…

Sharp hooks and tight lines,


UPDATE: I’ve posted several wooden drift boat plans and boat building tips here at The Fun Times Guide to Fly Fishing. Try searching the box at the top of this site.