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Say you are on the river or lake, and you see all kinds of insects flying around. You see bugs in the air and bugs on the water. So you think: "I need to match the hatch" to catch these fish. Which for the uninitiated means: try to match the live flies you are witnessing with a good imitation. Here's my tip: Try something different instead!

There are a wide variety of fish species found in British Columbia including trout, salmon and others. The environment allows fly fishermen a great fly fishing vacation featuring a wonderful outdoor experience, majestic scenery and a flux of astounding fly fishing hatches.

Here's everything you need to know about fly fishing for rainbow trout.

Reading the rise means studying the movement a fish makes when it comes to the water's surface to take an insect. It's important to learn to read the rise because it allows you to know exactly what the fish are doing, so you know which fly fishing tactics to use to catch the fish.

Hatch charts can help you plan a fishing trip and tell you what flies you should take with you. Here's a hatch charts 101 overview for fly fishing.