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Best Fly Fishing Rivers In British Columbia

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By Mary

Have you been dreaming of the perfect fly fishing vacation?

British Columbia is known far and wide for its great fly fishing opportunities. Rivers both well and little known provide fly fishing anglers with fish that are larger than normal and in optimum health.

There are a wide variety of fish species found in British Columbia including trout, salmon and others. The environment allows fly fishing anglers a great fly fishing vacation featuring a wonderful outdoor experience, majestic scenery and a flux of astounding fly fishing hatches.

Rivers that provide a great fly fishing experince include:

  • fly-fishing-in-british-columbia-by-travisland.jpg The Bow
  • Elk
  • Bull
  • Kootenay
  • Columbia
  • Slocan
  • Red Deer
  • Wigwam
  • St. Mary
  • MacKenzie
  • Fraser
  • and dozens more

Craving more details about these noteworthy fly fishing rivers? Read on … 

The waters of British Columbia provide fly fishing anglers with some of the top fly fishing in North America.

Small streams throughout the province are perfect for wading.

Fly fishermen will land bull trout, cutthroat and rainbows, as well as several types of salmon and other species.


Best Fly Rishing Rivers In British Columbia

#1 Elk River

The Elk River is especially great for dry fly fishing. Anglers will land bull trout and cutthroat out of these waters.

The area has picturesque scenery as it winds its way through the Canadian Rockies.

Fly fishing anglers will be amazed at the large fish that make the Elk River their natural habitat. Deep pools hold trout, some as long as 30 inches. The season on the Elk begins mid-June and ends in mid-October.

If you want a great trout fly fishing experience, this is the place to be.


#2 Slocan River

The Slocan River is a scenic wilderness area where the fish are plentiful and wildlife can be readily spotted along its banks.

Bugs and hatches are plentiful, as are bears, birds, deer and elk. There’s no need to match the hatch unless you really want to.

The rainbow trout of the Slocan River will almost always be lured by a high-floating pattern. Keep in mind the Slocan is closed to protect trout from mid-July to the end of August.


#3 Kootenay River

The Kootenay River runs from southeast British Columbia into the state of Montana. It is the natural habitat of several trout species, including rainbow and cutthroat.  The Kootenay is a huge river that is still untamed.

Fly fishing anglers on the Kootenay River will be most successful in the spring, late summer and fall. These are the times of year when the water level in the Kootenay is low and sparkling clean.


These are just some of the British Columbia rivers where you will be able to land a trophy fish and have a great fly fishing vacation — including an outdoor experience that includes majestic scenery, birds and wildlife.

Be sure to put beautiful British Columbia on your fly fishing destination list. Once you’ve experience the fly fishing opportunities here, you’ll want to return time after time.