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Say you are on the river or lake, and you see all kinds of insects flying around. You see bugs in the air and bugs on the water. So you think: "I need to match the hatch" to catch these fish. Which for the uninitiated means: try to match the live flies you are witnessing with a good imitation. Here's my tip: Try something different instead!

The saltwater flies you choose will depend on whether you're fishing offshore, in shallow-water flats/estuaries/mangrove jungles, or on the ocean floor.

While the bait vs fly debate continues... here's what you need to know about fly fishing bait and lures, specifically with regard to saltwater fishing.

Upstream wet fly fishing creates a challenge for most, but it certainly has its benefits. Here's what you need to know to try your hand at wet fly fishing upstream.

How to do downstream casting when using wet flies. Plus, how to 'mend the line' and do a 'wet fly swing' when fly fishing.

Do you know the 2 main types of fly fishing flies?... Imitators and Attractors. Here's what you need to know, plus some of the most common types of flies are described.

A dry fly is also known as a floating fly. Dry flies are the best ones to use if you are fishing on running water during the hatch. Here's why, plus tips for presenting a dry fly on running water.

If the river is raging when you arrive at your favorite fly fishing destination, have no fear. With these tips, you can master the high water and take home a nice catch! These are our best fly fishing high water tips.

If you plan to go fly fishing for pike soon, make sure that you have the proper pike gear first. Here's what you need to know about fly fishing for pike.