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Soldotna Alaska fishing and camping tips for those thinking of traveling to Alaska to fish the Kenai River. The area is known for its superb salmon fishing.

Brook Trout (a variety of salmon living in clear, cool streams in eastern US & Canada) are a fly fishing favorite. 6 tips to make your Brook Trout fly fishing trips more successful.

There are a wide variety of fish species found in British Columbia including trout, salmon and others. The environment allows fly fishermen a great fly fishing vacation featuring a wonderful outdoor experience, majestic scenery and a flux of astounding fly fishing hatches.

Here's what you need to know to catch salmon on your next fly fishing trip.

If you are fishing a fly below the water surface, you are wet fly fishing. Wet fly fishing is more about how you fish the fly rather than the fly itself. Most of the time, wet fly anglers are more successful because fish feed under the film and feast on smaller fish, terrestrials, aquatic bugs, shrimp, crayfish and tadpoles.

In general, the best fly fishing rod for most beginners is a fast action 9-foot graphite fly rod made for a 5 weight line. Here's why... and what it means to buy a fly rod based on length, weight, and action.