Tips & Techniques

Understanding fish spawning rituals can greatly increase your chances of being around, and possibly hooking that adult specimen that you've been after. Here's how to use fish spawning habits to your favor.

A dry fly is also known as a floating fly. Dry flies are the best ones to use if you are fishing on running water during the hatch. Here's why, plus tips for presenting a dry fly on running water.

If the river is raging when you arrive at your favorite fly fishing destination, have no fear. With these tips, you can master the high water and take home a nice catch! These are our best fly fishing high water tips.

If you plan to go fly fishing for pike soon, make sure that you have the proper pike gear first. Here's what you need to know about fly fishing for pike.

When you're fly fishing in salt water, it can be difficult to locate fish -- because in salt water, fish have a vast territory to move around. Here's how to locate and catch saltwater fish species, plus tips for fishing with the tides.

Never pass by any small creek or stream if it has deep, cool water. You may be amazed at the size of the trout living beneath the water!

There are some very specific things that every fly fisherman should follow. Here are the best fishing wading safety rules.

Here are some tips for tying fly fishing knots, plus links to the best sites for learning to tie your own fly fishing knots -- including animated photos and knot-tying videos!

Here's what you need to know to catch salmon on your next fly fishing trip.