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Trying To Match The Hatch? You Might Want To Try Something 180-Degrees Different Instead

Say you are on the river or lake, and you see all kinds of insects flying around. You see bugs in the air and bugs on the water. So you think: “I need to match the hatch” to catch these fish. Which for the uninitiated means: try to match the live flies you are witnessing with a good imitation. Here’s my tip: Try something different instead!

Fishing For Panfish: How To Catch ‘Em And How To Cook ‘Em

Panfish are small fish that are no longer then the width of a frying pan. Most are members of the sunfish family. Individual names for varieties of panfish include: stumpknocker, shellcracker, pumpkinseed, longear sunfish and the more common black crappie, silver crappie, yellow breast, yellow perch or ring perch, sunnies, rock bass, warmouth, green sunfish and bluegills. Here’s how to catch & cook panfish…