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11 Fly Fishing Tips To Help Beginners Catch More Fish

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By Mary

girl-with-rainbow-trout-in-net-by-jsliwinski.jpgSo you’ve decided to take up fly fishing?

You’ve bought the necessary fly fishing gear for beginners and now you’re searching for a few tips to help you catch a bunch of fish.

Let’s take a look at some ways to make your first fly fishing adventures more enjoyable …and successful!



Beginner Tips:

#1  When fly fishing, your goal is to present the fly in such a way that it mimics insects that are native to your area. Do not cast randomly when using a dry fly. Choose a target and cast your fly to hit it. One technique is to overcast and stop the line in mid-air. Another method is to throw tight loops in order for the fly to land exactly where you want it.

#2  As a beginner, it’s best to use wet flies. This takes the stress off of trying to make a perfect cast. With a dry fly, you must mimic a live insect or fly. A wet fly isn’t required to land on the water perfectly because there is no imitating involved.

#3  Do lots of research. Read books on fly fishing for beginners. Is there a fly fishing club in your area? If so, join it. If not, ask other fly anglers plenty of questions. Most will be happy to give you a few pointers.

#4  Be sure to match the tippet to the fly. The tippet should be approximately one-quarter of the fly size. Say you have a number 18 fly. Divide 18 by 4, which equals 4-1/2. Since there is no tippet of this size, you would use a number 5 tippet.

fly-fishermen-public-domain.jpg #5  Don’t fish alone in remote wilderness areas. Go with a buddy. This ensures both of you a measure of protection if you should fall or have some type of accident.

#6  Be quiet as a mouse. This prevents spooking the fish and also allows other anglers to enjoy the solitude and tranquility of their surroundings. Leave the radio and Rover at home. If you really must have music, take an ipod with earphones.

#7  Wear a wide-brimmed hat and take along sunscreen. This prevents painful sunburn that will definitely take the fun out of your fly fishing adventure.

#8  Choose your clothes wisely. Do not attract mosquitoes, black flies, bees and deer flies by wearing dark colors such as navy blue and black. Red, yellow and white clothing also attract insects that sting or bite.

#9  Wear polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes. These also allow you to see into the water and make landing a fish much easier.

fly-fishing-by-penywise.jpg#10  Give other anglers a hand when they need it. Lend them a fly or give them a piece of line if you have extra. This makes everyone’s day much more enjoyable.

#11  If a thunderstorm moves in, move away from the water. If it rains and there is no thunder or lightning, you can ride out the storm if you choose.

These are just a few tips that will make your fly fishing trip a more memorable experience. Here are 40 more fly fishing tips!