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You may find it confusing when choosing fly fishing hooks the first time. However, the type of fly hooks you use are very important. Here's what you need to know about fly hooks -- both freshwater hooks and saltwater hooks.

The saltwater flies you choose will depend on whether you're fishing offshore, in shallow-water flats/estuaries/mangrove jungles, or on the ocean floor.

While the bait vs fly debate continues... here's what you need to know about fly fishing bait and lures, specifically with regard to saltwater fishing.

Whether you're looking for fly fishing videos for beginners or an inspirational fly fishing video or two, we've got 'em all here!

Soldotna Alaska fishing and camping tips for those thinking of traveling to Alaska to fish the Kenai River. The area is known for its superb salmon fishing.

Here's how to take better fish pictures on your fly fishing trips. See how to pose the fish and how to use a few simple settings on your camera to get great fish photos

Brook Trout (a variety of salmon living in clear, cool streams in eastern US & Canada) are a fly fishing favorite. 6 tips to make your Brook Trout fly fishing trips more successful.

Upstream wet fly fishing creates a challenge for most, but it certainly has its benefits. Here's what you need to know to try your hand at wet fly fishing upstream.

How to do downstream casting when using wet flies. Plus, how to 'mend the line' and do a 'wet fly swing' when fly fishing.