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Fly Fishing Nets – What To Look For

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By Mary

Many fly fishermen do not use a fly fishing net, despite the fact that landing percentages are higher when a net is used.




Here are the many reasons to use a fishing net when you’re fly fishing…

When To Use A Fishing Net

Fly fishermen often rely on their fly rod and reel to land fish.

However, if you are fishing for trout, for example, you may find it impossible to land the fish at all without a fishing net.

It is also safer to use a net when landing fish, in case the fish throws the hook.

A fly fishing net will be necessary if you are fishing from a float tube or boat.


How To Use A Fishing Net

The proper way to use a fly fishing net is to place it in the water and bring the fish over it.

You can then net and land the fish in one swoop.

That way, if the fish fights, it simply works its way into the bottom of your fly fishing net. 

Types Of Fly Fishing Nets

Arguably the best type of net to use is a rubber fly fishing net.  These are becoming very popular with fly anglers, as they can be cleaned easier, they stretch, hooks can’t get caught in them and there are far less injuries to fish.

If you choose a mesh fly fishing net, be sure to get one of high quality. Mesh nets that are knotted cause a high percentage of fish injuries. They tend to damage the fish scales and remove the mucus covering from the fish. Likewise, fish can become tangled in mesh fly fishing nets. That’s one big reason why they should never be used if you are practicing catch and release.

Nets that are shaped like a teardrop are the best for cutting through the water.

The size of fly fishing net you will need depends on the size of fish that you plan to catch. For instance, if you only fly fish for panfish, a small fly fishing net will be fine. But if you plan to fish for muskie or other large fish, then you will need a large fly fishing net.


About The Netting Itself

Believe it or not, the color of the netting is important. You should always use a black fly fishing net — because fish can’t see it when it’s placed in the water. Since black nets are completely camouflaged in the water, the fish won’t be frightened away.

The netting on fly fishing nets should be fine so small fish won’t get caught up in them.

>Here’s more about the types of netting and mesh styles used on fishing nets.

Additional Features Worth Considering

When fishing from any type of watercraft, your fly fishing net will need to have a long or extendable handle.

An aluminum handle is preferred on a fly fishing net. These are lightweight and easy to carry when attached to your fly fishing vest.

Personal preference dictates whether or not you want a net with a built-in scale.

There are also custom-made fly fishing nets available. You can state your needs and the net will be made with your needs in mind. Custom fishing nets are also great for home and office decor when you aren’t out on the water. Plus, since they are numbered and signed, they’re great for both fly fishing anglers and collectors alike.