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Drawing Flies 365 – Fly Fishing Art

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By Ron

Drawing Flies 365 – A fly a day.

Drawing Flies 365 by Jeff Kennedy

That’s the challenge DrawingFlies365 blog owner Jeff Kennedy has issued himself. You gotta see this man’s art.

I can’t remember which fly fishing website I was surfing when I found this a couple of days ago. Jeff Kennedy has decided he is going to draw/paint/sketch/ a fly a day for a year.

When I found his blog, I sent Jeff an email asking if it was OK to post a few photos here and link back to his blog. He said no problem. I’m going to quote a piece he wrote on the blog about why he is doing this. Then I’m going to post some photos.

You will see images ranging from realistic fly drawings, to less serious, they are all amazing pieces of art. I could spend hours looking this stuff over. Remember, you can buy this art from Jeff, and if you explore his blog you will find a way to enter to win a free print of your choice. Keep in mind, this is copyrighted material.

Jeff writes:

I initiated the creation of this blog as a challenge. The challenge is to draw a fly a day for an entire year. Part of the challenge is the discipline to accomplish this every day and the other is to expand my creativity and to help find my artistic voice. The sky is the limit on how the flies will be created. You may have wondered, “why is he drawing flies?” My other hobby is fly fishing and fly tying. I also welcome the challenge of drawing the natural materials that are used in the flies. So hang on and enjoy the ride for the next 365 days!


A Few Pictures Instead of Thousands of Words

I could ramble on here with how great I think these pictures are, or I could just post some pictures and let you decide for yourself. Sometimes, the writer needs to get out of the way of the story. This is one of those times. Here ya go.









Well, there is just a small sample of what you will find at DrawingFlies365 by Jeff Kennedy.  You need to go check it out for yourself.

Fair Warning: Have plenty of time because you will be there awhile just enjoying the images.

Thanks to Jeff for letting me post this stuff here and good luck to you too man on the project. I have no doubt you are getting thousands of emails about this deal. It is, in my opinion, absolutely awesome.

I’m now going shopping on your site for one of these works of fly fishing art.

Sharp Hooks and Tight Lines,