All About Fly Hooks & Fly Fishing Hook Sizes

You may find it confusing when choosing fly fishing hooks the first time. However, the type of fly hooks you use are very important. Here’s what you need to know about fly hooks — both freshwater hooks and saltwater hooks.

Tips For Fly Fishing High Water

If the river is raging when you arrive at your favorite fly fishing destination, have no fear. With these tips, you can master the high water and take home a nice catch! These are our best fly fishing high water tips.

Tips For Organizing Your Fly Tying Bench

If you’re an avid fly fisherman, then you probably have a large area set aside for tying flies — like a fly tying table or workbench. Here are some tips for keeping your fly tying workspace neat and tidy. Plus, lots of must-have items you should have in your fly tying bench.

Fly Tying Materials & Supplies Needed For Tying Flies

When you tie your own flies, it makes fly fishing more interesting. And when you learn to tie flies that lure fish to your line, you have a great feeling of accomplishment. Before you begin tying flies, there are the most important tools you will need.


Fly Fishing Basics – Some Tips For Getting Started

Basically, all you really need is a rod, reel, backing, fly line, leader, tippet and fly or two dozen. There are volumes written every year on each of these items. There are also what seems like about a bazillion different brands and models of each. We’ll explore each category in detail