monoMaster Fly Fishing Gadget

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The monoMaster is a tool you should have to help manage waste monofilament.monomaster.gif

I wouldn’t consider myself a gear head at all. I’m hardly ever drawn to the latest and greatest rods, reels, lines or gadgets that the fly fishing producers come out with all the time.

I usually wait for new products to be on the market for awhile and get some feedback from fellow anglers before I’ll even try them.

This thing though, is a must have.

It’s a simple, effective tool for storing waste monofilament like leaders and tippet until you can get home to dispose of them properly.  You can’t just throw the stuff  out on the stream as it can be really detrimental to wildlife.

Up until a few days ago, I always carried a ziploc baggie to put it in or was stuffing it into a shirt pocket. Doesn’t sound like a pain, but it always tried to escape the baggie or pocket at the most in opportune times. Not anymore. Check it out.

I first learned about it a few weeks ago from an acquaintance on a fly fishing shop’s website. He heard about it somewhere and was trying to find one. I did an internet search and found it at Grasshopper Outdoor Products.

On that website you can find some great videos of the thing in action. That sold me. I contacted Ian White of Grasshopper Outdoor Products and set our fly shop up as a dealer. It was easy.

This tool is practically indestructible, easy to use and retails for less than $15.



You just insert the end, or a messy loop of mono into the slot, spin the thing around and it wraps all of the waste fishing line around it’s center core brush thingamajig.  The waste line won’t escape, it won’t blow away, it won’t pollute our streams that we all love to spend time on, and it won’t end up strangling a duck or otter or some other little river critter.

Here’s my usual disclaimer: I don’t make a dime if you buy a monoMaster. I didn’t get a free one or any compensation at all for this product review. It’s just one of those products that comes along that I believe in, feel like it’s well worth the money, and will help make my experience on the river more enjoyable. I think you’ll  like it too. A bonus is Ian is a darned nice guy to do business with as well. Go to Grasshopper Outdoor Products and see for yourself.

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