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I'm a fly fishing guide in Montana. One of my greatest pleasures in life is introducing people to fly fishing -- watching them catch their first fish on a fly, and watching them 'get it' when it all comes together. I love sharing what I've learned in an easy-to-understand manner.

Building a wooden boat should be a rewarding experience... I'm about to find out! Follow along as I build my first wooden drift boat for fly fishing!

Get an inside look at high end drift boats as they are being built at Cajune Boatbuilders and order your own custom boat, kit or plans to build your own stitch and glue drifter.

Finding wooden drift boat plans was easy! There are plenty out there to choose from.

Say you are on the river or lake, and you see all kinds of insects flying around. You see bugs in the air and bugs on the water. So you think: "I need to match the hatch" to catch these fish. Which for the uninitiated means: try to match the live flies you are witnessing with a good imitation. Here's my tip: Try something different instead!

The monoMaster is a great tool for containing waste fishing line.

I'll use wood drift boat plans from Butler Projects to build my first wooden drift boat, I'm going to build the Maxi-Mac

Jeff Kennedy has decided to draw a fly a day, for a year. These are spectacular works of art. Here are a few of his images

Fly fishing CPR: Catch, Photograph, Release. Bring your camera, take your pictures, leave the fish. Some tips for photographing your fishing catches.

Hatch charts can help you plan a fishing trip and tell you what flies you should take with you. Here's a hatch charts 101 overview for fly fishing.