How To Get Kids Hooked On Fly Fishing

Some kids begin fly fishing as young as 5, while others may not be ready until they reach their teens. First, you need to have the ability to recognize your child’s development skills. And you need to be keenly aware of the moment when fly fishing is no longer fun for them. Some kids may only be able to handle 10 minutes to a half hour of fly fishing before they become bored or frustrated.

Fly Fishing Knots Used When Tying Flies

Here are some tips for tying fly fishing knots, plus links to the best sites for learning to tie your own fly fishing knots — including animated photos and knot-tying videos!

Reading The Rise When You’re Fly Fishing: How It’s Done

Reading the rise means studying the movement a fish makes when it comes to the water’s surface to take an insect. It’s important to learn to read the rise because it allows you to know exactly what the fish are doing, so you know which fly fishing tactics to use to catch the fish.


Fly Fishing Basics – Some Tips For Getting Started

Basically, all you really need is a rod, reel, backing, fly line, leader, tippet and fly or two dozen. There are volumes written every year on each of these items. There are also what seems like about a bazillion different brands and models of each. We’ll explore each category in detail