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Readin’, Writin’ and ARhythmAddict – Part 2: Sunday Sunrise Service

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By Ron

I moved to Nashville years ago to get into the songwriting business.

Never ever thought about writing poetry. Then I met a guy named Dan. He gave me my first informal casting lesson years ago and has also become one of my mentors — not only in the pursuit of chasing trout with a fly rod, but also in life and in writing.

Mighty-Good-Land-By-Dan-Powers.jpgDan is a real poet. To read his poetry — like in his book Mighty Good Land — is a great experience. To hear him recite a piece at a poetry reading is a moving experience. Really. You can hear the passion, the heart, the soul, the conviction in his voice.

This is no frilly poetry. This is not to be or not to be. It is poetry from life. It’s about life and relationships with one’s self, as well as other people. It’s about memories of and experiences with those that are in his life, have passed by in his life and some that have passed on from this life. And yes, somewhere in that collection is a poem or two with some fishing included.

Don’t take my word for it, read what this guy has to say. Here’s an excerpt from Three Short Reviews by Charles P. Ries:

I found it hard to believe that this was Dan Powers’ first published book of poetry. These straightforward narrative poems are told with restraint and clarity. Mighty Good Land is all about the people and places in Power’s life; his wife, his father, his children, the farm, the church, the home. They mirror the reflections many of have as we look over the landscape of our life.

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite of one of Dan’s poems.

Here’s an excerpt though from that same reviewer’s review that helps to illustrate what I call the realness of Dan’s writing. This is from “Half-Light Off the Appalachian Trail”:

I drive home as if alone, blind in rain
and headlights, you far away in stillness
on your dark side of the truck,
the wipers slapping rhythm to the cold silences
piling up between us like a mountain
we can’t see over, can’t climb, won’t try
as long as it’s raining.


I Said All Of That To Say This…

Dan, the fly fishing poet, got me interested in trying to write some poetry. I have a long way to go, but I am enjoying the learning curve.

In the link below is a little piece of poetry I wrote one Easter season. It is on a website called Far & Away. This site is dedicated solely to outdoors literature and art. You won’t find any advertising or pop-up traps. It’s straight forward for the love of the outdoors. There are some great writers in their electronic pages.

I got lucky and they included my piece of poetry called Sunday Sunrise Service. It is my response to a friend that felt I was in the wrong for being on the river fly fishing instead of being inside a building of brick and mortar and timbers and stained glass come Easter morning.

It is one of my attempts at writing a piece of poetry that tells something of myself. Hope you like it. Happy Easter!

Sharp Hooks and Tight Lines,