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You'll probably want to clean your fly fishing rod at the same time that you clean your fly line and clean your fly reel. Fly fishing rods are fairly expensive, so you'll want to keep yours in top-notch shape. Here's how to do it...

Fishing sunglasses are important when you're out on the water. They not only protect your eyes from UV-rays, but also from wind and dirt. But, it's imperative that you don't buy just any old pair of fishing sunglasses. What you need are polarized fishing sunglasses. Here's why ...

If you're an avid fly fisherman, then you probably have a large area set aside for tying flies -- like a fly tying table or workbench. Here are some tips for keeping your fly tying workspace neat and tidy. Plus, lots of must-have items you should have in your fly tying bench.

When you tie your own flies, it makes fly fishing more interesting. And when you learn to tie flies that lure fish to your line, you have a great feeling of accomplishment. Before you begin tying flies, there are the most important tools you will need.

If you plan on taking up the sport of fly fishing, the equipment you choose will be imperative to your success. Here are some tips to help you find the best gear and equipment for your first fly fishing outings...

In general, the best fly fishing rod for most beginners is a fast action 9-foot graphite fly rod made for a 5 weight line. Here's why... and what it means to buy a fly rod based on length, weight, and action.

The monoMaster is a great tool for containing waste fishing line.

Jeff Kennedy has decided to draw a fly a day, for a year. These are spectacular works of art. Here are a few of his images

Hatch charts can help you plan a fishing trip and tell you what flies you should take with you. Here's a hatch charts 101 overview for fly fishing.