Orvis Most Popular Trout Flies… Cheap!

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Free trout fishing flies… Well, almost!

At full retail, you could expect to pay Orvis at least $2.00/fly. Not today.

Today you can have this entire assortment for only $9.95. I’m not trying to sound like an infomercial here but these are great flies for only 50 cents each and you get free shipping too! It’s a SWEET deal!

I have bought flies from Orvis in the past. They have always been well tied flies using good materials. I also bought one of my favorite fly reels — the Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor — from them. Love that reel.

Orvis is a great source for fly fishing tackle.

If you have never been to the Orvis website , you should give it a try.

If you have been there or are already a customer there, then you know what I mean. Not only can you find just about anything you need as far as fly fishing tackle goes, but they also have some great informational pages.

Another thing about Orvis: They spend a great deal of money every year to help with environmental issues, stream rehabilitation projects, and outdoor education. I like that about them.

Check out their conservation efforts page and see for yourself.

About the almost free flies…

First, a disclaimer: I don’t work for Orvis. I don’t make a red cent if you buy a product from them. I simply think they do some good things for the sport of flyfishing and I want you to know about deals like this when they come along. I hope you take advantage of the deal.

Take a look at those flies. If I posted the picture above properly, you should be able to click on the thumbnail for the enlarged version.

These really are 20 of the most popular trout fishing fly patterns ever, and all for just $9.95, including free shipping (if I read the advertisement correctly). That’s a bargain!

I looked down through the patterns. All of them are good, usable flies that every fly angler should have in their arsenal. Not a single one of them is what I would call a junker.

It’s not like they are trying to unload some garbage that’s been in inventory forever. These really are good flies and at a great price. Good streamers and wets and dry flies, all of them.

Great Valentine’s gift, especially good flies for a beginner

I was just about to sign off here when I thought, man, this would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

I have several of every one of these flies in my fly boxes. I’d still appreciate getting this as a gift — because it shows that the gift giver really knows a little about me.

This would be an especially good gift for someone who hasn’t been fly fishing very long and is trying to experiment with new flies. This way they get a sampler of some of the very best patterns without having to invest an arm and a leg on a shot in the dark!

Sharp Hooks and Tight Lines,


Post Script Bonus– I signed up at Orvis a long time ago for their updates/newsletter thingy. It has saved me lots of money on some very fine products. Go to the Orvis membership page and create an account. You’ll be glad you did.