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The Best Trout Fishing Hotspots For Fly Fishermen

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Whether or not you can land a big trout when fly fishing is based on several factors.

First and foremost, you need to be able to identify trout fishing hotspots. You don’t want to go from one fishing area to another before getting your first strike. If you can seek-out trout hotspots quickly and efficiently, then your strike rate will increase.

Here are some of the best places where trout tend to congregate, plus general tips for trout fishing…

You already know that technique is an important factor in how successful you are at landing that big trout. (So is choosing the right fly patterns for trout.)

Also important is where you fish.

Best Places To Find Trout


Trout live in lakes, rivers and streams; they prefer cold water. Lakes have slow-moving water, while rivers and streams tend to move much faster.

Your best bet is to fish in tranquil pools near the edge of white water, rapids and waterfalls. Topographical maps can be obtained that will show you where to find these hotspots.

Trout tend to seek out the same type of habitat no matter what body of water they are in. Basically, all they need is a good source of air and food.

  • A good source of oxygen in the water can be found anywhere that the water is moving fast enough to produce bubbles. This is a dream stream for fly fishermen who are fishing for trout.
  • Trout tend to congregate behind fallen logs, underwater vegetation, rocks and docks. They rest in these areas while they keep a sharp eye out for food — like insects, larva, nymphs, leeches.

In general, trout tend to go where the food is most plentiful, the water is coldest, and there is ample shelter.

Other Trout Fishing Tips


Keep a sharp eye out and learn to read the water. Reading the rise is important, as it will allow you to be more successful hooking, playing, landing and releasing trout.

If you are going fishing for trout while on vacation, be sure to pick up a fishing report from the local bait and tackle shop (or wherever you purchase your fly fishing license for that area).

This will aid you in finding all of the trout fishing hotspots. It will also tell you the kind of bait that the trout in that area prefer.

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